Penny Riddle EP

by Matthew Carefully

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The Challenge: "Eight One-Minute Long Songs." ... GO!


released April 24, 2009

Matthew Loiacono: all instruments, vocals
Troy Pohl (Collar City Sound): mixing, mastering



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Track Name: Offering
It wasn't something especially moving,
it wasn't something deceptively right
and though the sound that you make may be pleasing
I think it awful you caved to the light.

But still there's buckets of heat that you're sending
and surely nothing that helps with the fight.
Bring back the hope that you were born with the most of
maybe make it awfully beautifully bright!

You're wishing hope could be tacked to the ending
and maybe we could be picked for this time.
Enough weight has been placed on your making
the gifts we're offering off to the night.
Track Name: I Would Keep You
I would take you homeward and I would keep you fine
but in this walk I hover next to you on line.
I would take you homeward and I would keep you mine
across this rolling orchard I'm well and off the line.

And I would keep you I would find you waiting for me, why?

And I would keep you
Track Name: Caramel Hands
So yes you got the rest of me
unless you mean the best of me.
You caught me in the chest you beast,
if one forgets again then may he leave.

All the things we will regret
on the days we surely will forget

Barely on the grounds you leave a note so clear I didn't even see.
Track Name: Subtly Torn
When it starts to fit we only brush it backwards,
thinking that the miss is only faulted for your
trouble minded lips and the incubator bath, four feet squirm.
Holding on to myth makes the static feel comfortably warm.

So let me count the ways we hold on to these ending days enough to make you want to go and change your fate; pick up the mission hold on to the reins!

When it starts to split we only hold it inwards
banking on the tip that would make it so much easier for
damning all the pricks the thieves the hate we always seem to move towards.
Holding on to this makes the magic feel subtly torn.
Track Name: Riddle
I picked up a little about you on the way back home,
I learned just what you thought about the riddle of your youth.
And thinking about this all the while you're lured to sleep,
I crashed into the one thing I thought I'd always keep around, around, around...